A new, exciting, adventure show, featuring one of the zip line industry's leading experts, builder and operators, Experience Based Learning (EBL).  Zip Away is a self-produced show, featuring true video of our courses and experiences. The show content is a blended mix of documentary content and technical information of 'real people', not paid actors. With multiple locations, owner Steve Gustafson, travels to EBL courses, meets new people, and oversees his vast crew. The show features site visits at new perspective locations, construction of zip lines, training and crew interactions, and operations of the large network of tours overseen by EBL. Your host of the show is "The Zip Line Guy."

Zip Away also features original music compositions, sound engineering, and recording studio services of John Payne.

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John Payne - Take One
UPDATED LINK: https://youtu.be/Vj_HHBXdEEk

I just was able to witness this, in person. It brought chills. His talent is beyond amazing! We've spent the past two days in the studio making a new song for the TV show and this is just a snip of the new song. John just laid down the bass track about two hours prior before a fast dinner break. Then he decided to say, "You know, I think I want to add some more guitar." He cabled up, pressed record on ProTools, and this is what came out of him on the first take...….Absolutely amazing! I am so blessed to have him available to me as a resource and great friend. Cheers to John Payne!John Payne - Take one - laying down a track for a song to be featured on a Reality TV Show about Zip Lines called Zip Away. http://www.ZipAwayTV.com Copyrigh...
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We are sometimes asked why we don't shoot the show in 4K. Well, okay, we get it. You want to see things very crisply with great color. Well, with all the crap going on and confusing marketing about TV's and video quality the past few years, here is actually a VERY GOOD video that explains Standard, High Definition, and 4K monitors / TV's. Does a fantastic job of explaining the difference between frame rates and 780p, 1080p HD, and 4K. It moves a little quick in spots so if you've not been paying attention the past 20 years to video quality and formats, get ready to back drag and repeat some sections. But I HIGHLY RECOMMEND anyone who is going to run out a purchase a 4K TV this year to watch this first. Also applies to cameras, camcorders, computer monitors, iPads, Laptops, etc. I think you'll find you should save your money. Plus, we think you'll understand why we shoot the show in 1080p HD 60 fps. Enjoy!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxNBiAV4UnMMany people are thinking about upgrading to the next video format - 4K. But does the human eye and brain even perceive and process things that clearly? Let's...
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We’ve got some pending news which concerns our show placement on the Great American Country (GAC) channel due today. If it happens, it will mean fantastic things for the show! More to follow. ... See MoreSee Less

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ZipAway shared Steve Gustafson's live video.

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Meet Steve (your host) and get to know more about his industry experience and zip line innovations. Travel along on the road with his crew and guides (Clayton, Veronica, Wade, Tony, Nick, etc) while they install new courses and deliver tours at the different EBL's locations.


Interested in a Zip Line Tour Installation?

EBL has the operational and installation experience to achieve your business goals. If you have seen canopy tours on TV, read about zip lines in an article, or already participated on a tour, odds are it was an EBL consulted, installed, trained, or operated tour! Learn more about the nation's PREMIER zip line installer...

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