A new, exciting, adventure show, featuring one of the zip line industry's leading experts, builder and operators, Experience Based Learning (EBL).  With no high end producers, Zip Away is a self--produced show, featuring true video of our courses and experiences. The show content is a blended mix of documentary content and technical information of 'real people', not paid actors. With multiple locations, owner Steve Gustafson, travels to EBL courses, meets new people, and oversees his vast crew. The show features site visits at new perspective locations, construction of zip lines, training and crew interactions, and operations of the large network of tours overseen by EBL. Your host of the show is "The Zip Line Guy."

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ZipAway shared Steve Gustafson's live video.

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It's 3:23 am and I'm wrapping up second round of edits for Season 2 Episode 5. Just laid down the music track for the episode. All great work by John Payne. Things are starting to coming together with the Vegas editors! We will be on the GAC channel to 70 million households starting the week of Thanksgiving, provided all things go according to plan. ... See MoreSee Less

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It's 1am in the morning here in Vegas. You'd think I'd be half baked, drunk, and lost all my money at the Black Jack table. If you did, you'd be incorrect. I'm actually working on the Zip Away TV show, doing edits AND getting ready for tomorrow mornings film shoot inside and at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas! Yep, don't ask me how but I pulled it off. I'm told we are one of the very, very, very few, small, independent crews/shows that is ever granted this permission. I feel so honored and blessed by the HRH in Las Vegas management team. Everyone has been so professional, kind, easy to work with, accommodating, it's just wonderful to be here. Not to mention the rooms are great and the food is awesome.
Back to charging battery packs, preparing GoPros, charging the light packs, testing mics, and trying to get some shut eye.
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Attention: Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas video shoot for this Wednesday, August 15 from 9-11am. Consider yourself invited to participate as friends/ past employee, currently working on Zip Away project. Sorry, no guests. This is a fast in and out. John, if any ASIA band members are in town like Johnny, they are welcome to participate. A more detailed email to follow tonight when I get to hotel. ... See MoreSee Less

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Meet Steve (your host) and get to know more about his industry experience and zip line innovations. Travel along on the road with his crew and guides (Clayton, Veronica, Wade, Tony, Nick, etc) while they install new courses and deliver tours at the different EBL's locations.


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