Meet Steve (your host) and get to know more about his industry experience and zip line innovations. Travel along on the road with his crew and guides (Clayton, Veronica, Wade, Tony, Nick, etc) while they install new courses and deliver tours at the different EBL’s locations.

Zippy Steve

Welcome To Zip Away!

Self-Contained Docu – Hybrid

A new, exciting, adventure show, featuring one of the zip line industry’s leading experts, builder and operators, Experience Based Learning (EBL).  With no high end producers, Zip Away is a self–produced show, featuring true video of our courses and experiences. The show content is a blended mix of documentary content and technical information of ‘real people’, not paid actors. With multiple locations, owner Steve Gustafson, travels to EBL courses, meets new people, and oversees his vast crew. The show features site visits at new perspective locations, construction of zip lines, training and crew interactions, and operations of the large network of tours overseen by EBL. Your host of the show is “The Zip Line Guy.”

Come watch the crew meet people, set utility poles, conduct high tension cable rigging, dangle from safety ropes, climb trees, operate heavy machines, build platforms and custom carpentry at upwards of 115′ off the ground, jaw dropping scenery, overcome  dangerous situations, conduct staff training and development, and guest appearances from our clients. You may even witness some industry politics because EBL / Steve is the industry maverick, pushing against what he views sometimes as unethical or unsafe industry practices. First to install commercial tours in the US, come watch EBL do what we love best, Zip Lines!


Our Sizzle Reel

View our Sizzle Reel to see the services EBL offers. It provides a fast orientation to Steve, his crew, work expectations, other EBL locations, and a basic outline for a show, featuring the crew and courses from all over the United States!





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