Zip Away TV!

Season 2 Premier – Great American Country (GAC)

December 2018

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S1E1 – Action Channel TV – Airs May 4, 2018.

Introducing you to Steve, “The Zip Line Guy”. It reflects him going to a prospective client location and doing design work for a future installation. Steve then travels down to observe and interact with guests at the Zip Orlando course. You will be provided a glimpse into EBL quality programs and learn some “builder knowledge.” Then, off into the car for more travel across the United States, and the start of the Off The Grid Mountain Adventures installation.

On Demand – May 5, 2018


S1E2 – Action Channel TV – Airs May 11, 2018

Watch Steve do some course design and then get started on the installation of a new project. Look out for equipment failures, set backs, and problem solving in order to get this project moving forward.

On Demand May 12, 2018


S1E3 – Action Channel TV – Airs May 18, 2018

Steve works hand in hand with his lead builder Clayton and the rest of the crew, to get this course built out in about 30 days. Watch the crew test zip lines for the first time, swing on the Giant Swing, and tweak designs to overcome challenges. Steve also gets started on training the new guides. Training must be conducted and some guides pass the test while others get axed!

On Demand May 19, 2018


S1E4 – Action Channel TV – Airs May 25, 2018

With construction and training complete at Off the Grid Mountain Adventures, Steve moves his attention to an addition on the Zip Rockford course, then travels down to Zip Chicago for their training, ending with travel out west.

On Demand May 26, 2018


S1E5 – Action Channel TV – Airs June 2, 2018

Steve makes fast travels to Zip Boise, McCall Idaho, Zip Rockford, Off The Grid Mountain Adventures,  and then up to Berkshire East Canopy Tours in Charlemont Massachusetts.

Learn the history and backstory of EBL and Berkshire East Canopy tours.  Listen to Jon Schaefer directly speak about the challenges and risks taken over the past decade and how the EBL zip lines helped pave the way for their enormous expansions. This is a more in depth review of business risks, and full of protein and wisdom for any new business owners

On Demand June 3, 2018


S1E6 – Action Channel TV – Airs June 9, 2018

We begin this episode at Zip Rockford, oversee some tours and do a local TV interview.  Then back out to Idaho for a review of our build in 2006 and operations of Zip Tamarack since. The new owners of the resort are extending some bad vibes so we begin to question the future. Toss in a site visit to a prospective client, then back on down to Zip Orlando to deal with woodpecker damage.

On Demand June 10, 2018


S1E7 – Action Channel TV – Airs June 16, 2018

Repairs at Zip Orlando are underway to repair woodpecker damage and train staff on advance safety operations.  The guides provide some in-depth interviews, their passions, and speak about their jobs while working with Steve.  We also get some bad news about the course and it may compromise its future!

On Demand June 17, 2018


S1E8 – Action Channel TV – Airs June 23, 2018

This episode brings EBL full circle and returns to Zip Orlando for the end of this season series.  While down at Zip Orlando, Steve provides some in-depth interviews, followed by bloopers and outtakes from Zip Orlando, followed by other locations.  Mixed among the blooper segments are additional interviews into design and education philosophies behind EBL operations. See the bigger picture of what goes into a proper EBL build and the reasoning behind the madness.

On Demand June 24, 2018

Season 3 – in Editing

S3E1 – E8 – Currently in editing.  ETA for distribution is Spring 2019.

Come join us for Season 3 of Zip Away TV!  More travel, new innovative products, fun, and construction projects. Plus new and exciting products like no other!

Season 4 – in Filming

S4E1 – E8 – Currently in filming.  ETA for distribution is Winter 2020.

Come join us for Season 4 of Zip Away TV!  More travel,

new innovative products, fun, and installations!


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