A new, exciting, adventure show, featuring one of the zipline industry's leading experts, builder and operators, Experience Based Learning (EBL).  Zip Away is a self-produced show, featuring true video of our courses and experiences. The show content is a blended mix of documentary content and technical information of 'real people', not paid actors. With multiple locations, owner Steve Gustafson, travels to EBL courses, meets new people, and oversees his vast crew. The show features site visits at new perspective locations, construction of ziplines, training and crew interactions, and operations of the large network of tours overseen by EBL. Your host of the show is "The Zipline Guy."

Zip Away also features original music compositions, sound engineering, and recording studio services of John Payne.

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We wish to thank Ray R. from Minnesota for his review of the shows soundtrack.

"I just discovered and purchased the downloads of your soundtrack, and I love it. I am a big fan of John Payne, and I would be very interested in obtaining this on CD if you ever had one available (even a promo disc). Best wishes for great success with the show."

Kind regards,
-> Ray R, Minnetonka, MN
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Big News!
Season 3 Episodes 1-12 are done!
Still waiting on E11 and E12 to return from post production. This includes final graphics, color and sound balancing, trimming, closed caption, and converting to TV 1080x1920 HD.

Season 3 is our best yet and we are now looking towards a jump start on Season 4! We are even going back to Season 1 and Season 2 for a little more post production work to clean them up some.

Season 1 and 2 have been removed from the website for now and Season 3 E 1-4 are still present for viewing, We will not have any more episodes posted while we have some exclusive syndication contracts in the works.

Need fresh music? Don't forget to check out our soundtrack.. All custom songs, scored and produced by John Payne, former Lead Vocals and Bass for the rock band ASIA.

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Meet Steve (your host) and get to know more about his industry experience and zipline innovations. Travel along on the road with his crew and guides (Clayton, Veronica, Wade, Tony, Nick, etc) while they install new courses and deliver tours at the different EBL's locations.


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EBL has the operational and installation experience to achieve your business goals. If you have seen canopy tours on TV, read about ziplines in an article, or already participated on a tour, odds are it was an EBL consulted, installed, trained, or operated tour! Learn more about the nation's PREMIER zipline installer...

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