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Bluescape Mix

The harmony represents travels down a mountain stream, passing through whitewater segments and quite pools. Fresh storm runoff gently spills into the mixing waters, bringing rejuvenation and life!

$0.99 + tax
Daylight Mix $1.29 + tax
Heaven's Gate

This distinctive beat song carries an eerie echo guitar sound that seems to resonate off the canyon walls of surrounding mountains. Hawks and Osprey float on the air thermals overhead, as white clouds dot the sky. It’s a great day to be alive!

$0.99 + tax
In the Air

This track explores the energy of a first time zipliner; a letting go of their initial fear. With uplifting tones and the feeling of zip lining, travel across the cable with the wind in your face! With room for self-exploration and reflection, it’s time to move onto the next zipline!

$0.99 + tax
Journeyman Z

Inspired by the travels of the show creator, this majestic, rich and full song has numerous harmonies and inspirational segments. It generates soft flute tones paying tribute to Native American culture, the open Great Plains, and iconic mountains of the West. Find yourself lost in between harmonies as you discover new adventures and adrenaline pumping excitement! Explore the streets of an old ghost town, imagining the town once filled with life, energy and the dreams of the residents. Shift into the boom of business and the strength of industry, followed by the changing times, and new generations of dreams that follow.

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This is America

This upbeat track carries the feel and excitement of traveling across America on the old Route 66, exploring back roads and towns of rich, rural America! Come explore your new adventure, just down the road and around the bend!

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Till The End $0.99 + tax